Friday, November 6, 2009


Country folks shop a bit differently than their city counterparts.  I don't know about other residents but we hit the malls about twice a year and that's mainly to look at the decorations.

We need satellite dishes more than chafing dishes, generators more than gems and chain saws more than gold chains.  Out here, we buy boots that keep our feet warm, as well as preventing us from sliding on mud and ice.  No pointy-toed, high-heeled things that may make our legs look great.  Here in the hills, it's more important to keep our legs from breaking.

And, when we wear tights, they are not a fashion statement.  It's to keep our legs warm.  Fleece is big in the northeast but we can also get Romney Wool right from the sheep at Maplehaven Farm.
We can purchase eggs right from the chickens at Maplehaven, too.

Fitch's Corners sells milk right from the cow, if you don't need it to be pasteurized.  Shopping for maple syrup, vegetables, fruits and baked goods is easy, too.  And, we know exactly where our food comes from!

A lot of folks shop for tractors instead of lawn mowers.  Cut "grass" is rolled up and taken to feed cows and horses.

One thing we do have in common with city types--firearms sell well here.  Hunting season spans several time frames but we only need pepper spray for the bears that knock-over bird houses and bees' nests.

We also have a general store in town.  All that's missing from it are woven baskets that women used to carry their supplies home in.  On a cold day you can grab a cup a coffe and a hot lunch along with your milk that comes in a real carton.

So, where do you live?  Is it this great?

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