Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Believe it or not, there are some people who identify their entire world according to automobiles. I actually know such a person and he is not a car salesman.

This person can’t remember your name but he’ll know the make, model, color and horse power of the car (cars) you drive. When this guy goes shopping, he can scope out your car in the parking lot from 1000 feet away. This is fine if you want everyone to know where you are. If your car shows up for sale up in a roadside, used-lot, he will know before your husband or wife does.

If you are coming toward him on a highway at seventy miles an hour and he’s coming the other way, he will know it’s you. And, If you have a blond in the car instead of your brunette wife, he might wonder who you’re with but more likely will notice if you’ve been to the car wash recently or if you’re using high performance tires (like his) that will only last 14,000 miles.

If Ford, Honda, Chevy or any other manufacturer changes so much as a rear-view mirror on the newest model, it’s the first topic on his list of conversation. Which models are being discontinued? Added? Hybrided?

He’s not a very good reader but he can quickly scan every line of the latest Car and Driver Magazine. He may not be able to remember what day of the week it is but just ask him about hemis, engine compression ratios, turbos, super chargers, intakes, exhausts, gear ratios and he’s yours for another two or three hours.

Show him a picture just of the dashboard of any antique car and he will know the make, year and model. Got a little rattle, buzz or clink in your engine? He’ll probably know what’s causing it.

And, of course, he will know exactly how many seconds it will take your car to go from a dead stop to 60 miles an hour on a highway entrance ramp, and in fact, will not buy any car that does it in more than 6 seconds.

Do you know such a person?
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Like I’ve said before, I love farmers. They are the hardest working folks in the world. Almost everything they do benefits someone else--feeding everyone, except maybe those who have their own gardens and dairy cows.

Eastern New York Farm Field

In these photos, you see plowed fields that will produce food for thousands of people and a bunch of animals, too. Despite heavy winds, flooding rains, baking heat and freezing cold, these people battle the elements with strong hope every season that this will be the best one yet. Recently, farmers have had to cope with skyrocketing fuel and feed prices that deeply cut into their profits, making it more of a wonder that anyone would continue to do this at all.

Many farmers have given up and moved on, leaving empty fields and orchards all across this nation. I know because I drive by them everyday.

Deserted New England Apple Orchard

I think this is very sad. Farming is a noble profession that some of the nicest people in the world engage in. I was lucky enough to meet a group of young people who are growing up on our local farms and they are extremely kind and gentle with their animals, as well as with their friends and families.
There will be corn growing here in a few days

Well anyway, here’s to all of those of you who keep our factories, restaurants, stores and farmers’ markets loaded with all that good, healthy food that we literally could not live without. Someone out here really appreciates your hard work and I will say a prayer that all things come together to bring you great success in your endeavors.

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p.s.  Remember that nut case bird I told you about who comes back every year?  Well, here are her babies born a few weeks ago.