Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I could never live in a big city. The lure of an exciting night life, vast skyscrapers, crowded subway cars and traffic that would make any driver psychotic, pales in comparison to the advantages of country life.

Did you know that 5 million people ride the New York City subway every day? Just the thought of having to go through that process makes my heart speed up and breath come short.
A condo the size of my closet sells in Manhattan for 1.5 million dollars. That entitles an “association” to charge you a hefty monthly fee for…well, basically telling you what you can and cannot do with your place, plus...I don’t know-keeping the lobby clean and letting the bug man in once a month. And, in a town where you have to fight just to have a purse dog, my only property caveat is that we can’t keep a herd. Hey, I really don’t want a herd although several of my nice neighbors do have them. They let me feed their horses, chickens, cats and dogs and that makes us all happy.

I don’t know about offensive smells in the big cities. Out here skunks can create havoc on a warm summer’s night when we sleep with the windows open. That’s definitely the down side of country living. Of course, gunshots are heard almost as frequently here as they are in the cities. Only yesterday (the opening day of hunting season), what sounded like elephant guns were booming across hillsides, (and on our property) as eager hunters went after the mother and baby deer we watched cross our road all summer.
In Boston people do strange things to protect their parking spots, like put chairs out to block strangers from “stealing” them. Parking is certainly no problem out here. You can put as many bulldozers, tractors, snowmobiles or diesel trucks as will fit in or around your barn.
I would really like to hear from you who actually live in the city and tell me how you cope.
In addition: here's a quick update on the new house down the road.  They are now putting on the siding, so it looks pretty messy but you get the idea.

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