Saturday, April 2, 2011

View from my boat, The DorthyJane

When considering a redecoration, why not think about a theme? What is your passion? Mine happens to be water and boats.  So I am searching for ship wheels, boat photos, marine knots, light houses, etc.  But, if you’re a great gardener, an old-fashioned watering can filled with large artificial greens in one corner, crossed gardening tools tied with raffia hung on a wall next to posters or photos of garden shows would make great accessories.

These same ideas can apply to any hobby or interest-music, fashion, sports. When you choose a special theme, you can spend time browsing various places for just the right item to add to your special place, where you spend a lot of time reviving your energy surrounded by many of your favorite things. Keep this in mind when you select a color scheme and please don’t over-do it! Clutter does not relax the eye or the mind when someone enters a room. Keep it simple. Remember—less is still more no matter the design project.