Friday, January 15, 2010


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A column in the January/Februay 2010 Issue of Discover Magazine states that a new study suggests the secret to a long life is watching what you eat. Science Magazine recently published findings from a study saying longevity depends on a "healthy" diet and thirty minutes of exercise a day.  And, fish oil is being touted as a real life extender.
Doesn't anyone remember our mothers telling us to "eat our vegetables, drink lots of milk, go play outside and walk to school?" Then there was Popeye the Sailor Man always eating spinach to make him super strong and defeat all enemies. Weren't we plied with cod liver oil and told that smoking would "stunt our growth?"  Cod is a fish--hello--just like the fish oil which is being touted as an almost perfect supplement.  My mom made tons of oatmeal way before it became a designer food and peanut butter was our main staple.  Then, she kicked us out of the house for an entire afternoon, so she could mop the floors.  Many of my school chums and I never rode a bus to school--ever
Now that science has told us how we should be treating our bodies, I guess more people have faith in what they say, instead of what our grandmothers told us.  Regardless, if we adhere to these rules, will we eventually become the oldest people in the nursing homes woofing down red Jell-O?  Not that there is anything wrong with Jell-O.  It's just that when we enter any supermarket, we are presented with thousands of other choices that are alot tastier but unfortunately not very good for us.  Do you realize that we are not supposed to eat most of the stuff sold in stores?  

All this scares me because I don't want to be the last remaining nursing home resident in my age group.  Actually, I don't plan on every ending up in a nursing home.  So, now I am searching out the most delicious health food products ever.  I will start with a recipe I found on for Nickki's Healthy Cookie Recipe.  These are made with bananas, vanilla and coconut milk.  I will let you know if they are any good--next week.
In the meantime, what recipes do YOU have for food that is actually "good for us?"  Email me!

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So what's your healthy life plan?

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