Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Greatest thing since…

We all know it’s certainly not sliced bread. Maybe something new is the greatest thing since heated car seats, permanent press fabrics, automatic dishwashers, or electric knives.

Of course, there’s always bra extenders, Netflix downloads, disinfectant wipes, remote controls and polio vaccines. I think hands-free, car phones are pretty neat.

But, the best thing since anything is definitely the Florentine Bakery’s cannolis and my homemade sausage bread. Don’t believe me? Just ask my grandson, Jon. He will confirm this statement.

What do YOU think is the greatest thing?

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Monday, May 10, 2010


If you use coffee filters, you only need buy the big ones. They will fit in the smaller pots and work well if you measure in the grounds, then fold the paper over the grounds and use a small piece of tape to hold it together. This keeps grounds from seeping into the coffee as well as ensuring fresh flavor.
Vermont Mountains
Do you have that nasty, rough skin around the heels of your feet? No need to scrape it off with one of those files “as seen on T.V.” Simply apply your favorite body lotion, cover them with a comfy pair of socks for about an hour every day and voila—rough skin gone.

I’ve also discovered that ants HATE Listerine. I put a bottle in a closed, kitchen cupboard last week and my ant invasion ended that night. My daughter-in-law tells me that baby powder works just as well. Take your pick to end your ant problem.

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