Thursday, April 8, 2010


There's a bird that wakes me up every morning at 6:30 a.m. now that spring is here. This morning, he/she has awakened a group and they are now chattering as though they really have a lot to say. Although I find this a most pleasant way to wake up, it makes me wonder why birds do this. We have a commune of wild turkeys somewhere on the property that cackle incessantly, apparently while sitting on their springtime eggs. Mind you, these birds are quite a way from our house but we can hear them the whole time they are making this sound to the surprise of our visitors, who assume they are listening to hundreds of frogs.

Jack says his mother’s chickens used to make a similar sound while they were lying on their eggs, so it is apparently not that unusual. Maybe one of you has the answer to this mystery and if you would like to share it with us—please do!

Regardless, this is the most magical time of year in New England. The forsythia is in full bloom, along with cherry blossoms and dogwood, promising further lush beauty to come soon. The warm temperature alone is enough to spur people into spending long hours outside no matter what their agenda’s entail.

We’re all looking forward to many more of these beautiful days. Happy spring to you all, again.

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