Thursday, December 31, 2009



See that lovely floral arrangement above?  It came in a pretty red sleigh that I can fill with different flowers next year.  Savings? About $14.00.  Thanks Kelly!
Lorraine H. says she runs her last spin cycle in the washer twice so that it takes less time to dry them in the dryer.
Judi W. wrote that she walks to the store saving on gas, how much she spends at the store (can't carry too much home) and lowers doctors bills with healthy walking.  Judi also had a new air conditioner/heat pump (with an energy star rating) installed, cutting her electric bill in half!
Tracy T. recommends getting a BJ's card.  When they offer their own coupons, along with the lower prices, you can also use the manufacturer's coupons and get a triple whammy.  She also buys furniture from Craig's List.  Driving 30 minutes saves hundreds on these items.  But my very favorite Tracy tip is checking out the "still good" pile at the dump.  As long as those things can be cleaned up, they can be great free finds!

Jon S. suggests keeping a jug of water in the fridge so you won't have to waste running water every time you want a cold drink.  Many municipalities charge for water "in" and water "out."
Jack S. says, "Never buy extended warranties on electronic products.  They cost more than the depreciated value if the item fails."
And, here are a few BloggerOne tips:
Don't believe your printer's "low" cartridge message.  I print stuff out way after the "empty" sign flashes
Paper towel and disposable gloves used for cleaning can be re-used.  Better yet, use rags and toss them in the laundry.
Don't throw away those tubes and plastic bottles of lotions until you cut off the top and scape out the remainder.  You'll be shocked at how much is left inside.

Tracy T. also mentioned the "markdown" aisles at Marshalls and Home Goods.  I bought this great $160.00 Calvin Klein jacket two days after Christmas at T.J. Max.  It was marked down to $59.00.  Way to shop!

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