Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm so glad that 2010 has been declared "The Year of Peace."  Hopefully, it will encourage millions and millions of people to focus on how they can personally help further this cause in their own way. Hey, if everybody wants peace, who will continue the wars?
My favorite "Let's Make Peace" idea is that most peole love music and pictures.  Why not have huge screens along the highways of the world playing videos of people from different nationalities singing and embracing one another?  At first, people would be shocked to witness a Jew and any number of different Muslim sects, singing with their arms around each other in the middle of Iraq or Jerusalem but eventually they'd get over it.
How about hearing "There's a Time for Us" by Barbra Streisand blaring from a telephone pole speaker at a Palestinian but stop?  That song cannot help but move people to envision a world where we care more about helping one another than killing each other.  At least most people.  Perhaps most people joined together can overcome the dictatorial nut cases who actually do control the world.

Remember "We Are the World?"  How about flashing that with the video along the roads of Syria and North Korea?  An updated version could depict several different groups dressed in native garb, holding hands.  Wouldn't that knock our sandals off?
Why not use a few great songs from WWII that touch everyones' hearts?  "There'll be Blue Birds Over the White Cliffs of Dover" promised children a safe place to sleep when the bombs stopped dropping in England.
For sure these things would give us a different idea as to how people really do feel about war and each other.
Honestly, I don't hate anyone because they go to a different church, worship on a different day, have a different culture altogether or don't look anything like me.  But, more on that next week.

So, what are YOUR solutions?

Etc: Shawn S. added this money saving tip from last week.  He does not use shaving cream but shaves right out of the shower when his face is still wet.
Chris A. said:: "I save on dog food at BJs--you can buy 50 lb.bags for about $5.00 less than you pay for 25 lb.bags at other retailers.  Of course, you have to haul it into you car and house by yourself.  I call this, dragging the body."
Thanks guys!
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  1. This is really thought provoking. Reimaging peace on earth is probably the first "task befpore us now if we sould not perish" (Tagore) Judi


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