Thursday, March 11, 2010


Maybe it started with Jacqueline Kennedy telling her grandchildren to call her “Grand’Mere” but gone are the days of these ladies wearing house dresses and rolled up stockings. Now it’s blue jeans and Sketchers, North Face and L.L. Bean. Instead of going to market to gather ingredients for chicken and biscuits, they’re headed to the dairy aisle for yogurt and fiber bars before heading to the gym to tackle treadmills and free weights.

They studied computers before Al Gore invented the internet, wear sweats instead of sweaters, have hair streaked with gold instead of grey and can be found running with the dog not rocking with the cat.

They e mail, shoot photos with a digital camera and have Bluetooth car phone hookups. They’re on Face Book, Twitter and BlogSpot, conduct business over the internet and pretty much use that for all info and research.

Some have MP3 players, others like to burn music downloads on a disc and just pop them into their Bose Wave Radios or car disc players.

Many, many are accessing all this great technology (which their generation helped develop)—and they are loving it. Since they are able to connect with kids and grandkids regularly, we better be good to them because now there’s no escape from text messaging, emails and those ever-present, loving, watchful eyes.

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  1. I can't wait t6o be that hip.

  2. Got to get this to my grandson in NYC - he's a 7th grader and I'm a dork!! True. We are into technology, yogurt,and high fiber! Judi

  3. I like the thought of just kickin' back by the pool with my dog or going for walks in the woods and listening to the river's song after I retire. I think technology is a distraction from adventure; however it is certainly useful for information and communication. And I admit, I take technology for granted because I grew up with it.

  4. I love the new technologies! I want to add to the list of connections for grannies, the ability to stay in touch with friends and family all over the world with the click of a button. Love yogurt and high fiber too...and just try to get me to wear something other than jeans.. This is good blog, a good reminder of how fortunate we all are to reach this age in our lives and bring with it wisdom and such youthful energy! Yup, we are the hip ones.


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