Friday, April 30, 2010


Checked out the dollar Tree Stores, Inc. and was happy to find a few bargains.

A package of (6) 9x 12, heavyweight, reusable clasp envelopes, (made in America) Sally Hansen Lip Gloss and Ajax Lemon Dish soap are some of my favorites. Of course, everything is a buck. But, my most favorite is box of 30 band aids that would cost anywhere from $1.79 up to over $6.00 in a drug store. I was disappointed to not find the transparent, packaging sealing tape which I use a ton of. It makes a great lint remover and is twice as fast as the little roller thingys.

It appears as though Wal Mart is no long discounting greeting cards, so you can cross them off your list. Their bananas were $.49 a pound which seems reasonable and I love their Great Value Coffee which is $3.28 for 13 ounces. They also had huge strawberries for $2.50. I saw the same pack in the local grocery store yesterday for $3.99. Got a 5 pack of my fave gum (Lush 5) for $2.88 which is a real bargain considering that it cost $1.49 a pack last month at the mini mart. That’s a savings of $4.57!

Got a great buy on Puff tissues at B.J’s and they’re still discount greeting cards.

Did you know that bounty paper towels have sheets that basically tear in half, so if you don’t need a big sheet you can use far less of it? I like that.

Ninety Nine Restaurants are advertising that they have “Real Size” Entrees for only $9.99 and 9 lunches starting at $5.99. In a time when restaurants are serving food in smaller dishes (Panera’s) and the prices are going up, this seems like good news. I will try it out and let you know. You can also go online and sign up with many restaurants to receive their coupons.

Jolie bathing in the Jacuzzi

In these days of astronomical prices, I’ve decided to just get along with less. The more companies charge, the less I’ll buy. It’s my own little boycott.

Do you have any more money saving ideas? How about where to save money on gasoline?

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  1. Strawberries were $1.99 in Wilton, CT - which is Fairfield County - not known for discount prices! I got the best goat cheese I ever had for half the price. Most cheeses in New England are more than half the price than in my town. I'm into making my own cards - it's like scrapbooking which I don't do - get the same materials at Michaels. Judi

  2. Love the photo of Jolie. Would you put it on Facebook so I can share it with my friends?


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