Friday, July 2, 2010

After having written on the incompetency of most major organizations running our world today, I am happy to report there is hope on the horizon with the emergence of someone you may have heard of--Salman Khan.

This brilliant man has several BS degrees, plus one masters in electrical engineering and one in business from Harvard.  Better yet, he has started an online teaching web page that blows the doors off any previous attempts to transfer intelligence from one brain to another.

If you go to Kahn, you will find hundreds of subjects that this man is proficient in and ready to transmit to anyone who desires to learn them—FOR FREE!

Having trouble with basic equations? Domains of functions? Unit vector notations or harmonic motion? Khan is your man. Just click a key, pause and/or repeat when you don’t get it and learn, learn, learn. He has eliminated all excuses not to be smart in a multitude of subjects that have perplexed ordinary people since time began.

This man appears to be a God send for a world devoid of mathematical and scientific knowledge so necessary for the successful perpetuation of mankind. And what’s even better--the man is also proficient in economics!

Both on television and his web page, Salman Kahn has expressed solutions to the present financial crisis plaguing the world! The least our government can do is listen, pay attention and maybe learn stuff they missed when they were sleeping through economics in college.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. Since I love your blogs, I look forward to reading your recommendations. This one is now on my list of to do. I just posted you on my FB page and hope others enjoy your thoughts as I do. Keep up the good work! Love, Averi

  2. very cool. Thanks.


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