Monday, August 9, 2010

Construction on the new house (earlier pics below) is moving fast so I thought I’d better show you these photos now. I’ll be going on vacation for a few weeks and unfortunately I won’t be able to track the progress until I get back. Who knows what will be accomplished by then?

Studs on Bottom Floor Window (on left) and First Floor Studs in Place

Lower Floor Back Bay Window

Opposite side view of Bay Window

Looking Down into Bottom Floor

Mask Removed, He's Thanking Me For the Carrots
Hope I can post some great vacation pics when I return.
Remember the horses with the masks on? I got a comment explaining that it’s to keep the insects out of their eyes. Isn’t it great that the owners take such great care to protect their animals? Thanks to anonymous for that comment. Now we’ve all learned something new.
If you haven’t noticed lately, you can click the “animalrescuesite” key on my blog and feed shelter animals for free.
I also have started a second blog at HUB pages and you may be getting a notice every time I post there. I don’t really know but I’ll try and send you the hot key whenever I can. I love hearing from people around the world at HUB and so far I have connected with a writer in Ireland, a guy who lives in London and a teacher from down south, among others.  Hopefully that list will continue to grow each day.
I really do appreciate every comment, so please keep them coming!


  1. You should see the new house across the street. After 20 years of tax free lake front lawn, the property got sold and this whole last year was full of the noises it takes to cover my beautiful sunrise view of Lake Crescent. Now this view is covered with a robins egg shade of teal and tarmac. At least maybe this year it will be quiet on the porch. Everything changes. Enjoy your vacation on the big lake. COusin Judi

  2. The view from the back of that house is so great that cars sometimes line the roadside just to watch the sunset from there. That's going to be a great house.


  3. Thanks for your terrific blogging -- enjoy your well deserved vacation and don't forget sun lotion ;-)


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