Sunday, September 5, 2010


So, how was your summer?  Please comment and click a sponsor.  Appreciate it.


  1. Looks like a great summer

  2. I miss the good old days when you went to "the camp" for a vacation = some place to call home for more than a weekend, where the whole family gathers for a picnic at least once. Beautfiful happy pics. Judi

  3. Since you asked ......

    As you might expect, much of my summer is spent at Race Tracks around the NE. These days I concentrate mostly on Watkins Glen. While at the track we live in our 5th wheel RV. (If I could figure out how to attach a photo, I'd show it to you.)

    When not at the track, living in the RV, we still spend some time in the Poconos, although that's mainly a "ski house". Golf also takes up some of my time but, I'm really not very good at it. And, like a couple of other guys I know, all my cars take a bit of maintenance so some time is spent on maintenance and "proper grooming"!

  4. What a terrific summer!!! I remember as a kid being able to enjoy the delights and fun you can have with a boat and overnighting at a lake in nature.. whether camping in cottages or RV's, I just love it. I am so happy that you and your family are keeping up the tradition - it's a wonderful bonding op for families and a place to renew your spirit. Perfect!! The photos are terrific and a heartening reminder of some very good, wild times long ago. Thanks Dottie for sharing with us your joys of summer.

  5. Thanks for the information - Love your blog - seems like you have a very laid back living style - quite nice!




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